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    Richard Lathrop, professionally known as Ghostnaps, has carved a niche for himself in the electronic music scene, starting from his roots in Eugene, Oregon's local house party circuit. His early work in Progressive House laid a strong foundation for his artistic development.

    The year 2016 marked a significant turn in his career with the adoption of the stage name Ghostnaps and the release of 'No One Else’, his first commercially successful single. This change heralded a new phase of creative exploration, blending various genres in both his live sets and recordings.

    Ghostnaps' discography grew with the release of his album 'Better Places' in 2020 and the EP 'Blossom' in 2021. These projects featured collaborations with notable artists, including Father and Khalil Romeo, producing well-received tracks like ‘Really Love U’ and ‘Holding on to Something’.

    In 2023, Ghostnaps expanded his musical repertoire with 10 new songs, including a second collaboration with Father, ‘right now’ featuring BigBabyGucci and Khalil Romeo, and ‘getting over u’, leading up to a self-titled EP that was embraced by his audience.

    Parallel to his main work, Lathrop initiated 'richerd' in 2022, a side project that allowed him to delve into different musical styles, further showcasing his versatility.

    As 2024 unfolds, Ghostnaps continues to build on his momentum. With plans to unveil new music, live shows, and so much more, he remains an active and evolving presence in the music industry.

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